Monthly Archives: September 2017

Marketing in Business and Commerce in the New Consciousness

The point is what you give to another you give to yourself; the reason being that there is only one of us. You are apart part of the Universal life force just the same as your customer is. If you want to have any experience in your life, just course another to have that experience, and you notice it showing up in your life as well.We have had the industrial revolution; we are now going through a consciousness revolution. It is getting more and more difficult to Asses, where your consciousness ends and your customer’s consciousness starts. People are becoming more intuitive and telepathic.

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The consciousness of the planet is waking up and each individual mind is starting to realise that it is part of a bigger system. As the energy of the Oneness grows, so does synchrony in your life, where you find your Self in the right place at the right time for something magical to happen.The path of life is shown by your joy, and we have all got a field of all possibilities open to us in each moment, at ever step on the path to evolution and growth just choose what brings you greatest joy from all these possible options.You need to ask the question “Can wealth create or do we create wealth?” It is human consciousness that expresses the divine life force that flows through us, through our thoughts, desires and passions. That comes into reality in our thoughts, words and actions.Opening up and connecting your own individual life’s purpose, to the purpose of the divine universal life force that really courses growth in each individual and the whole system of business and commerce.Very soon the business system is going to realise that it is no longer about profit. It is about growth, sharing and helping bring balance to the whole planet. There is not longer a need for Microsoft to have 57 billion dollars in the bank, while millions starve in Africa. This is like saying it is great that my Brian has all this money, while my Leg withers and dies through starvation.

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Balance and helping the whole to develop and grow together is our future path. We just have to release the concepts of fear and shortage in world resources and ownership. To one of giving and sharing what we are all apart of; Life itself, we just need to wake up to the bigger picture.